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Stronger & Fitter


 We live Strength day in and day out!  We are here, always practising what we preach, training alongside you, bringing you the most proven methods in Strength and Conditioning, supporting your journey, and helping you to live your strongest and fittest life.

We are Motivators!  We are your Cheerleaders!  We lead from a Positive Mindset!  We are here for everybody.

About Head Coach Jill Cox:

Head Coach at JC Strength Training Facility Capalaba QLD

Multi Sport competitor, from Gymnastics to Powerlifting.  3 x Australian Record Holder.  Holder of Gold and Silver medals from competition Local through to International Levels.

The rounded Athlete is Strong and Fit.  My priority is to create a work/life Balance to make your Goals achievable.

Conditioning is key to improve Endurance, increase Flexibility and establish a balanced, stable physique. Bringing the positive benefits to your health and fitness level.  To Challenge you.  To build Power.  To develop Co-ordination and Speed.

Not only does Strength Training enhance your quality of life, it can assist the journey to weight loss by increasing your metabolism to help burn more calories.  Strength training improves your ability to do everyday activities – it is functional.  And who doesn’t want to be just stronger and have increased muscle mass? 

#strongnotskinny is a real thing.

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powerlifting legends of brisbane
working out on the Smith Machine at the JC Strength Training Facility
Teen Gym at JC Strength Training Facility
doing tyre drills at JC Strength Training Facility