Fitness as a Lifestyle and Goal Driven Training

One thing most know about me, training is my life.   Its something I’ve incorporated into all aspects of my life for the last 20years.  What started as 5km runs in the street to lose baby weight, quickly changed into a passion.  Im lucky enough to have been involved in the fitness industry in so many capacities, from gym manager, head gymnastics coach, swimming and cheerleading, kids fitness bootcamps, dance teacher, to personal trainer, coach and athlete……and now own my own strength and conditioning training centre.

So lets talk about how I am able to train consistently for such a long time. 

The biggest thing that I do is to make my fitness a priority.  Being sedentary is too easy in this day and age.  Think about how much we sit every day, when we work, when we drive, when we are on the computer or watching TV.  If you dont make it a priority, you could spend far too long just sitting on that booty of yours instead of shaking it.

Small things, incidental movement, matters.  Cleaning the windows, mopping the floor.

That 10000 steps you hear about – it’s not a goal – it’s a starting point.  When you hit that 10000, thats where it begins. So walk the dog, park further away, jump on the treadmill. Track your steps with a tracking watch.  They arent 100% accurate, but youll get a pretty good picture.

A secret though is to find something you enjoy doing because then you will do it……whether its team sports, swimming, gym .. Whatever – its movement that matters.  Don’t do something just because someone else loves it.

Fitness is a mindset.

But then there are times where you want to maximise your training.  An example is you want to run 5km but you haven’t run before.  So you break it down into small goals that will increase your work capacity. You get to work hard and celebrate hitting small target goals on the journey to that 5km. 

 Having small attainable goals on the path to the bigger goal gives you purpose. It helps you to find joy in your training.   And there’s nothing wrong with goals changing direction, but try not to change direction too often, or you begin complicating your training and never hitting any goals in the end.

Reward yourself

Small rewards along the way,  could be new training shoes or shorts.  A new cool water bottle.  If you are maintaining your could be a burger.  Because a healthy lifestyle actually means living.  Dont practice restriction of food groups, embrace all food, control portions and learn to say “I’m full.  We do not want to live our life on a constant diet thats for sure.  If you speak to a sports nutritionist, you will be shocked how many foods can be incorporated into a meal plan to assist your journey.  

Once you incorporate fitness into everyday life …… it becomes simple and sustainable.  Fitness should not be something you do every now and then when you are focused on a specific outcome. 

 Get a coach, set some goals, learn how to eat for your lifestyle, and train.


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