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A SPORT FOR ALL  A strength sport focused on the execution of the squat, bench press, and deadlift. There are certain guidelines and rules as there are with all sports and the main aim for powerlifters is to lift the heaviest possible weight of each exercise for 1 repetition with ideal form. However, the benefits that Powerlifting brings to someone far outweigh just lifting.

FAT LOSS  As mentioned above powerlifting can require very heavy lifting creating a high-intensity burn throughout the body allowing lifters to burn large amounts of calories and as a result fat. In the long term, you can increase your metabolic rate. Given you are eating in a caloric deficit tailored to your needs Powerlifting can be very beneficial to your fat loss requirements.

IMPROVED STRENGTH Powerlifting is hugely beneficial to increasing overall strength through the body. The squat, bench and deadlift are huge compound movements all requiring multitudes of muscles across the body. There are very few muscles that don’t get targeted in any 1 of these movements and accessory movements will be implemented to ensure these muscles are targeted. The squat and deadlift strengthen your core, back and legs, and the bench press strengthens most of the muscles of your upper body. Strength training builds muscle, increases bone density, and per recent studies on brain health, even slows neurodegeneration.

BETTER SKELETAL HEALTH As mentioned above Powerlifting or/and strength training can improve bone density. Bone density is the amount of bone mineral in bone tissue. The higher your bone density, the stronger your bones are and the less likely you are to receive an injury or fall victim to a disease like osteoporosis. It is well known that intense resistance training, such as Powerlifting, decreases numerous risk factors for osteoporosis by increasing strength and bone mass.

INCREASE IN ATHLETIC ABILITY Many of the activities in Powerlifting improve other abilities by default. A study conducted in the UK shows a direct correlation between squat strength and sprint speed. There was also a direct correlation between squat strength and jump height. So, if you want to run faster or jump higher, build a bigger squat through Powerlifting. The strength of your back contributes to many other activities. There are few activities that being strong does not help in one way or another.

INCREASE IN MUSCLE MASS & IMPROVEMENT IN POSTURE Powerlifters are often as big and muscular as weightlifters & bodybuilders despite not training specifically for muscle size. Increased muscle mass can be useful in sports and can add a pleasing shape to an otherwise skinny physique. The three Powerlifts ensure that all major muscles are worked and assistance exercises are also done to shore up any muscular development gaps. A balanced increase in muscle mass can also assist in poor posture. Poor posture is usually caused by overuse or over activation of a muscle or group of muscles regarding one motion of a joint compared to the opposite. The deadlift is an extremely beneficial exercise to improve any poor posture. It’s most commonly associated with building strength and power but performing the deadlift correctly strengthens the spine, which can improve posture. Squats strengthen the leg and core muscles. They also stretch the hip flexors, adductors, and lumbar spine, which when tight can cause bad posture. Accessory work also includes many horizontal and vertical back exercise variations which will also assist in improving poor posture.

POWERLIFTING SLOWS THE AGING PROCESS Here’s why. No one lives forever and the breakdown of our body is inevitable and eventually, our muscle mass will decrease, our bone density will reduce, and our memories will get fuzzy. Strength training can help us slow this process down. Strength is the foundation of physical ability. Strength enables us to walk to work, go up and downstairs, carry groceries, lift children, perform essential daily activities, and remain able and independent. Nothing compares building strength more effectively, efficiently, and safely than squatting, benching, and deadlifting. There are many articles and thesis that provide evidence to support that these lifts are supreme among the exercise world.

SATISFACTION Building and testing your strength in the squat, bench press, and deadlift is one of the most satisfying feelings. Developing strength requires sacrifice, discipline, discomfort, and determination, but it will all be worth it when you lift a weight that previously was just a dream. Many people exercise without clear-cut goals but Powerlifting training is very specific and once you reach your goals, you reach a new height of satisfaction with yourself and your training, and isn’t that what we all want to feel when we train? At least I do.

JC Strength Training Facility Group training

Group Training

  • ABT

    – Ab, butt, and thigh – Circuit Class to target the legs and booty. This class is low intensity with a high burn. 20 mins. 

  • Power Abs

    – Activates all of the core muscle groups to develop a powerful abdominal wall that will take your physical ability to a new level. 20 mins. 

  • Saturday Shred HIIT Style

    – Get it done session. Suits all fitness levels. 20 mins. 

  • Gym Staffed Hours

    – Monday – Thursday 9am to 11am and 4pm to 6pm

    – Friday 9am to 11am. All other times by appointment.

Personal Training

Get Results … Get a Personal Trainer!

Nothing beats the inspiration and motivation of having your own Trainer.

  • Achieve results faster
  • Improve muscle tone and posture
  • Learn advanced training techniques
  • Make your training consistent
  • Get support and motivation to get you started
  • Maximise results in every session!

A personal trainer will add drive and enthusiasm to your workout, and ensure your health + fitness goals are realised. Enquire at reception for availability. 


JC Strength Training Facility Personal training
Sport Specific Training at JC Strength Training Facility

Sports Specific Training

Price on Application and relevant to requirements.

We aim to understand your Sport in sufficient detail, so we can design and develop a participation map relative to your Sporting needs. We refer to sports and high-performance plans to gather information beyond the traditional programs. The nature of participation in each sport varies considerably and as such, each map will look different.

We then bring it all together, relative to age, gender, level of experience, development stage and level of commitment to create a unique program relevant to your sporting goals.


Dumbell Only Ladies 3 Day Program

What is JC Strength Online

JC Strength Online is a strength-based training program that must be completed with weights. You can continue to run the purchased program indefinitely, or return to upgrade to a different program.

How long does a training session go for?

It is recommended that you allow 60 minutes for each session.   However, if you are at a higher level, the session may take longer (more warm-up sets) or be faster as you get more educated on the movements.

Will the next program be different?

Every program will be different.  But every exercise will be able to be researched on the internet.  The programs are developed by JC Strength Coaches and are designed to progress your training through phases.

How long from purchase till I receive my program?

Your program will be released to you immediately on payment.

Is there a Nutrition Plan Available?


Is there any cardio in this program?

Our programs are strength programs and although there is no specific “cardio” outlined, that does not mean you will not be getting a cardiovascular response from the superset/circuit style training that we outline.  The total workload of our programs I’ve very complete for a fully conditioned training session.

Do I need a gym membership?

It is highly recommended to follow your program from a gym, as you will have a greater choice of equipment. This is a weights-based program, so a variety of equipment may be required at different times.


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