Women Over 40s


First, let’s start with a fact – Women can’t get big and bulky because we don’t have enough Testosterone to support that type of muscle mass.

Second fact – It takes years of dedicated work and dietary discipline  to achieve a muscular physique. You won’t get big and muscly just by picking up a few dumbbells for 30minutes 3 times per week.  Hell – it hasn’t happened to me and I’ve been lifting heavy stuff for over 20 years.

 If you are over 40 and facing Perimenopause or  Menopausal symptoms, lifting weights can help to keep the weight gain at bay and loss of muscle mass that comes with it.

Combining simple cardio (not talking Marathons here), compound lifts and circuit style training, will have you seeing improvements in stamina, posture, mobility, functionality and endurance.  Not to mention the positive mindset that comes with it.

 By adopting a weight training program in your 40’s and beyond, you have the ability to increase bone density and metabolism, which aids in helping lower the risk of health conditions such as  Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Osteoporosis, High Blood Pressure and Weight Gain.  You can reduce body fat, lose jiggles and strengthen your bones.

Let’s throw eating right into the mix and Ladies – we have the recipe for success.  Becoming accountable and making this a lifestyle choice, not a trip to the gym, is what it’s all about.


women over 40s training at JC Strength Gym Capalaba QLD
women over 40s fitness at JC Strength Gym Capalaba QLD